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Ammonium Measurement (NH4 NH4-N)


The AMMONO series features online analysers for the continuous monitoring of the ammonium concentration between 0.1 and 200 mg/l NH4-N or NH4.

Thanks to gas sensitive measurement technology, AMMONO is not affected by interference ions. The advantages of the analyser include automatic calibration at regular intervals and the integrated sample pump, which makes an external feeding pump unnecessary in most cases.

Available in three different housings: Standing with castors as AMMONO-LAB, wall-mounted as AMMONO-PRO or as AMMONO-FIX in a heated stainless steel cabinet for outdoor installation at the site of measurement.


  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy handling
  • Highly reliable
  • Low operating costs
  • Robust design
  • No sample preparation


NH4 722 Z Ammonium Probe

Ion selective electrode for ammonium with exchangeable membrane head.


  • Short response time
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Exchange heads preassembled
  • No reagents required
  • Robust design
  • Environmentally stable
  • Easy to install

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