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Hydraulic Actuator


ElectroHydrolic Actuator Generate a linear pushing/pulling motion and form a completely closed and stable unit. The Electohydraulic actuator consist of an electric motor, a geared hydraulic pump, control valve and a push/pull hydraulic cylinder. These componen are installed in a cylinder steel casing, which also serves as an oil tank. The Electric motor flanged to the actuator drives the constant-delivery geared pump through a flexible coupling. The geared pump conveys the hydraulic oil through intermediate control valve into the push/pull hydraulic cylinder An extending or retracting motion of the piston rod is a achieved by changing the direction of rotation of the electric motor. The Pushing and pulling forces are set by pressure-limiting valves. The extending and retracting speeds of the piston rod can be adjusted by mean of flow control valves. The actuator is set to the required pushing/pulling forces and the extending /retracting speeds and filled with hydraulic oil on dispatch. After connection of the motor the actuator is ready for operation (apart from solenoid valve control). The electric motor cannot be overload.