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Impact Classifier Mill






ICM – Impact Classifier Mills are used for fine and superfine
size reduction of brittle materials with hardness up to 3 on the Mohs scale.

Technical Data
Air flows 144 – 36000 m3/h
Dust loads 50 – 600 g/m3
Throughputs 10 – 21600 kg/h
Grinding speeds 60 – 130 m/s
Fineness d97 10 – 400 μm
Hardness of material 1 – 3 Mohs

Main applications are:
Powder Coating, Chemicals, Food & Sweets, Pigments, Minerals


The feed material is conveyed through the pneumatic feed duct into the grinding zone. The main airflow enters the mill through the main air inlet underneath the grinding disc which rotates with tip speeds of 70 to 120 m/s. The grinding fineness is adjusted by the speed of the classifier wheel. Product of the desired particle size is drawn through the classifier, coarse material, is rejected for further size reduction. The fines are separated from the air in a cyclone / Filter downstream to the mill.

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