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Pneumatic Actuator

1. Valve
2. Damper










The RPA Series are a quarter-turn Rack and Pinion actuator for on-off and modulating application, for a perfect combination of precise control and high stability, ideally suited for small to a medium torque of rotary valve, damper, fan and other quarter-turn process control
With the high stability from the twin guide bar between rack and pinion that make RPA series very smooth on operation and suitable for modulation application with additional positioner, to position an output shaft base on input signal or simply installed a position switches for remote position indicator or keep with Local visual indicator as a standard


– Bodies and end covers available as Anodized, Epoxy Painted
– Super polished finish for smooth operation. Bores are machined with a finish of 
RA 0.5 to RA 0.8 base on size
– All mounting details in compliance to CEN/TC69, ISO/DIS 5211 and Namur VDI/VDE 3845


– Machined completely from solid bar including pinion (no multiple components)
– 100% Blow out proof, no matter what. Shaft retained by our unique Guide Bar system
– Shafts available in Steel, Stainless Steel and our unique CNI/PTFE formulation
– Drive shafts available with STAR shape, SQUARE 45 degree off set and IN-LINE DOUBLE “D” and with Key to CEN/TC69 – ISO/DIS 5211 and DIN 3337


– Twin guide bar feature absorb rack and pinion load and ensure optimum teeth engagement
– Dual encapsulated POM Piston wear pads absorb the adverse side loading at start of each stroke
– The 4 off encapsulated POM Piston wear pads also to ensure no metal to metal contact 
for low friction travel


– Unique Patented Spring Design
– Springs are located inside the piston rack (all other actuator manufacturers have springs located On outside of piston flange)
– Springs are supplied by a world’s leading spring manufacturers and are made from SiCr in 
compliance to DIN 17223/T2 with a 3.1.b Certificate (EN10204)